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I try to express on my canvas moods, feelings, sensations, emotions… and it is obvious that my art is influenced by many of my inner life, making it so transparent.


Personal exhibitions

  • 1995 Graphics,exhibition ”Metamorphosis” – Athenaeum, Bacau
  • 1997 Painting exhibition ”Landscapes in Summer” – G.Bacovia Theatre, Bacau
  • 2003 Decorative painting exhibition “Escape” Iulian Antonescu Museum – Bacau
  • 2004 Painting exhibition, “Landscapes”, miniatures, Basilisk Gallery, Elvetia (Morges)
  • 2005 Painting exhibition – “Hidden Sights”, C-tin Brancusi Exhibition Hall, Parliament Palace, Bucharest
  • 2006 Painting – Exhibition “Mirage” Iulian Antonescu Museum – Bacau
  • 2007“African tones” Personal Exhibition – “Iulian Antonescu” Museum
  • 2009, March – “Spring’s dreams”, Contemporary Art Gallery – Bacau
  • 2009, May – “Spring’s dreams”, “Hidalgo” Gallery, Focsani and “ Ghe. Pastia” Theatre, Focsani
  • 2009, Nov – 2010 martie – Personal exhibition, Mall Arena, Bacau
  • 2011, March – Personal exhibition, Art Gallery “Ion Irimescu”, Suceava, Romania
  • 2012, Painting exhibition “Ethereal”, C-tin Brancusi Gallery – Parliament Palace, Bucharest
  • 2012, July – August, “Ethereal” – personal Exhibition Phoenicia Gand Hotel – Bucharest
  • 2013 “Nocturne” Gallery – Chic Art Evolution , Atlanta, U S A
  • 2014 “Between two Worlds”  Frunzetti Art Gallery, Romania
  • 2016 “Déjà vù 2”  Consulate General of Romania Lyon – France
  • 2016  Art3F Gallery,  Contemporaine Art Exhibition, Lyon – France
  • 2016  Salon Regain Gallery, Lyon, France
  • 2016 Thuillier Gallery, Paris – France

On-line exhibition, comments & critics

Pink Panther’s November 2011 Feature Artist, Dorina Costras

Publication article about Dorina Costras, Pink Panther Magazine: Issue 15 Page 35 to 43

Romanian romance”- InsideSOLO Exhibition. Special series! — Richard Sunderland: Between the partially hidden faces, the gestural hands, the masks of hidden identity, the dilemma of what to reveal or to hide – there is a line that ties Dorina’s paintings together…

Featured Artists & Works of Note – critics, vol. 19 pdf: … It is like going back in time to Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice, where thought, body language, and a blink of the eye could beguile and entrap…

Margaret Harris Fine Art Awards for excellence in Fine Art Sojie 3 and the 1st Place Traditional SOLO pentru lucrarea “Elegie” din seria “Soapte” – mai 2010.

Musetouch – Visual Arts Magazine: Dorina Costras – My magical worlds : … Since the first time I saw Dorina’s magical artworks I was amazed and delighted…

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The mood that Dorina’s art evokes is enigmatic. It present a certain peace and calm despite the storm. There is a feminine strength that extends beyond the canvas with the power to change the atmosphere. The facial expressions and haunting depth she infuses into the eyes of her subjects demonstrate the dynamics of woman’s loss of innocence and quest to succeed despite her obstacles. There is a grace present in her art that is absent of sickly-sweetness, and a courage that rises above the title of victim. All of these qualities, as they blend together, infuse her art with a romantic sense of hope and promise – the romantic sense translating as a dream-filled heart that never ceases to believe.

Through the magic of electronic exposure, Dorina has managed to gain an international following. It’s encouraging and exciting to stroll through her internet portofolios and see how well recognized and received her art is amongst art lovers, and even more exciting to see how diligent she is in showing her gratitude and appreciation to these followers – despite the language barriers she has to navigate in order to do so.

Jenifer DeBellis – about Dorina Costras